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Trauhui South Africa's first show

Welcome to Trauhui large family, because you join, here has a comfortable and harmonious working environment, has a team work together with a sense of mission team comrades, has a system of continuous improvement, thank you! I wish our extended family In the high attitude, continue to meet the challenges, momentum fast, create a better future, always adhere to better tomorrow than today! At the same time welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit Trauhui inspection negotiations , Technology exchange, cooperation joint venture, create brilliant!


Cai Yong, an orthopedic industry veteran, currently serves as General Manager of Trauhui Corporation. He was the R & D Director of the world's top 500 Stryker Chuangsheng Co., Ltd., one of the most popular and respected leaders in the company. . Has a very rich orthopedic product design and development, manufacturing, quality management experience, and strong corporate governance and operational capabilities.


Trauhui Medical participated in the 2015 South Africa Medical Show this year at the Gallagher Convention & Exhibition Center in Johannesburg, South Africa.


First held in 2011, once a year, South Africa Medical Show is the foremost medical show for the entire African region and an important meeting place for professionals from hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical academic research and distributors in Africa and around the world. In 2015, attracted more than 500 exhibitors and more than 6000 professionals participating.


This exhibition is the first international medical exhibition to take place since the strategic integration of the company. Showcasing a full range of spine, traumatic implants and surgical tools, beautiful and innovative design and exquisite processing technology, won numerous hospital doctors, experts and distributors from South Africa and the surrounding countries, such as Xerox, Medtronic is interested in our innovative products. After some visits, some visitors expressed their intention of long-term cooperation with the company during the exhibition. At the imminent closing of the three-day exhibition, more experts bought some of our innovative samples directly for marketing.


Wish Chrysanthemum quality orthopedic products quickly enter the South African market for the benefit of Africa and the world compatriots!


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