Chuanghui's first batch of pet bone plate series products, pet surgery special tools products listed.

China,Changzhou-20235Month8day,Chuang Hui medical devices(hereinafter referred toChuanghui") held the first Lovan pet medical device product launch ceremony.

ChuanghuiFocus on pet health industry, inChangzhou, JiangsuIt has an innovation center and production base responsible for the research and development of pet medical devices..Chuanghui ChangzhouThe factory has advanced product research and development innovation laboratory, perfect production line and logistics storage center, equipped with a series of advanced experiment, testing and processing production equipment.

ChuanghuiGeneral ManagerMr. makes YongIndicates:"Relying onChuanghuiStrong background in high-end medical technology,Lovan combines the clinical needs and pain points of pet medicine to develop more than 30 pet medical devices. The first listed products mainly covertoPetbone plateSeries of products, pet surgerySpecial tools for surgeryProductsCategory. the future,ChuanghuiWill continue to innovate, further optimize the product layout, upholdWith the initial intention of "pouring hundreds of millions of subtle things into protecting pet's health", we will develop more products beneficial to pet's health."

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