Feel the beautiful nature, taste the wonderful life. -Chuanghui Medical Devices Jiangsu Co., Ltd. Autumn Group Building Activities

In order to further enrich the spare time life of employees, strengthen team building, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, Chuanghui Medical Devices Jiangsu Co., Ltd. organized a group building activity from October 29 to 30, 2018, and all employees participated in the activity.

29Japan organized all the staff to visit Maoshan Baosheng Garden and set up a group to cook together at noon. They divided their work and helped each other. In the afternoon, we visited the New Fourth Army Museum together, remembering the martyrs, not forgetting history, feeling the passion of the revolution and the lofty revolutionary ideals of the martyrs, inheriting and carrying forward the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary martyrs, and being more active and hardworking in work and life. In the course of the activity, all the staff faced the challenge, united and high-spirited. The employees were enthusiastic and passionate during the day's activities, and their unity and struggle added a heavy background to their youth.

30On the 15th, the company's leaders and employees visited Oriental Salt Lake City together to learn about the long history of Tao culture and feel the beautiful natural scenery of Oriental Salt Lake City. They were greatly relaxed physically and mentally and put into future work in a better state.


This team building activity has allowed all employees to gain self-confidence, courage, and friendship, better understand responsibility, responsibility, and gratitude, further enhance the cohesion of the team, and fully demonstrate the old frogman's hard work and heroic demeanor. This enthusiasm and spirit are integrated into the work and contribute to the development of the company.

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