Chuanghui successfully passed the on-site system assessment of the Food and Drug Administration.

2018Year 03From January 1 to February 2, the provincial food and drug administration entrusted Changzhou food and drug administration to conduct an on-site system assessment of the registration links of six categories of products in our company.

This audit is conducted in accordance with the "Medical Device Production Quality Management Practices" and "Medical Device Production Quality Management Practices On-site Inspection Guidelines. The audit team checked the company's quality manual, procedure documents and various records, carefully checked the production of various products and various daily monitoring data, etc., and conducted on-site verification of the management of the production workshop, raw material warehouse, testing room, finished product warehouse, etc. No major defects were found in this audit.

The audit team believes that the company has established a quality management system suitable for the medical devices produced and operated effectively, and passed the review.

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