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Exhibition  2019 AAOS

Exhibition introduction: Founded in 1933, the AAOS Annual Meeting has developed into the world's largest orthopaedic medical professional academic meeting, serving more than 39,000 registered members around the world and regularly holding annual meetings. In addition to trade and exhibition arrangements, AAOS also invited a number of orthopaedic medical experts to give speeches, providing visitors from all over the world with opportunities for academic exchanges and learning.

Exhibition time: 2019.3.13-3.15

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

2019 is the third time that Trauhui participated in the AAOS exhibition, which was jointly exhibited by the Trauhui brand and the group's European brand Mediox. During the 3-day exhibition, Trauhui displayed the latest designed locking plate tools and ankle tools, which won unanimous praise from doctors and distributors. At the exhibition, we met with existing Latin American customers and conducted further negotiations. In addition, we also attracted potential new customers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions.

As an important meeting of the orthopaedic field, Trauhui attaches great importance to AAOS. With the experience of the previous two conferences, in this exhibition, Trauhui further strengthened the publicity of the company's image and product advantages, and paid great attention to the latest developments in the orthopedic industry and product development trends, so as to ensure the company's advancement of products and efficiency of service.