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2017 City Medical Device Manufacturers Conference

In order to further implement the main responsibility for quality and safety of medical device manufacturers, improve corporate awareness of honesty and compliance, strengthen daily supervision of medical devices and risk prevention and control, and promote the healthy development of the city's medical device industry, on April 18, 2017, Changzhou Food and Drug Administration Organization Held in 2017 the city's medical device manufacturers conference, the city's 245 medical device manufacturers responsible person, the person in charge of quality control and the municipalities, district bureau supervisors and other relevant personnel more than 500 people attended the meeting, Shen Xia Jie, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau attended the meeting and Speaking.


The meeting reviewed and summarized 2016 quality and safety supervision work of Changzhou medical device manufacturers, product market sampling and administrative sanctions, and made arrangements for the supervision and administration of medical device production in 2017. The meeting clearly defined the requirements and carried out risk reminders.


Meeting informed of the 2016 annual Changzhou City, medical device manufacturers quality and safety credit rating results, on 2017 "I promise, I regulate" the theme of integrity activities were mobilized, the business representatives read the commitment to quality and safety.


Cai Yong, general manager of the Company attended the meeting and signed on-line commitment to quality and safety of medical device manufacturing.