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Cottey-MD Variable Angle Mini Locking Plate

Canna Cannulated screw systems

3.5 Distal Lateral Tibia Plates

2.4 Distal Radius Volar Plates

Ramic- Intramedullary Nail Systems
-Proximal Femoral Nail-Ⅲ

Ramic- Intramedullary Nail Systems
-Proximal Femoral Nail-Ⅲ

Ramic-intramedullary nail 
systems-Humeral Nail

3.5/4.5 Proximal Lateral Tibia Plates

Coapt Telescopic Corpectomy system

Cellent Spine Posterior Fixation System

Cellent Spine Posterior Fixation System
- CTS 5.5 MIS

Locking Plate System
-Cos Sternal/Rib Fixation

Cellent Spine Posterior Fixation System
-Ceres 3.5

Carlon Kyphoplasty System

Coales Cage Systems

Coales-AC Cage Systems


Our company adheres to the concept of "innovation, quality and service".


Our Mission:

A total of 20 utility model patents



Trauhui was founded in 2009, the headquarters is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province --- "hometown of Chinese orthopaedics". Since 2013 company adjusted the strategic direction, committed to the ...

Be united and dedicated, to nurture creative and accountable members, and to create diversified culture life for them. Be honest and creative, to make high quality products and benefit for patients. Be warmhearted and thankful, to devote in social charity and give back to society.

Nearly 15 years of research experience in orthopedic products